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"It takes a village" is especially true when it comes to this project. We acknowledge all of the individuals and organizations who provided their time, skills and expertise to all phases of this project. Thank you to the original Oasis members and Onsite Coordinator Tina Carson for providing invaluable insights into the Oasis program and providing support and ongoing consultation for the duration of the project. We extend thanks also to the Oasis Volunteer Board of Directors for their ongoing encouragement and much appreciated advocacy work on behalf of the newly expanded sites. We also acknowledge the support and input of the property owners, managers, and onsite staff at each of the Oasis sites – your willingness to share space and insight has ensured the success of this project. We are also grateful to all our research collaborators for providing knowledge and expertise to the project.

We wish to acknowledge all our community partners who have supported, and continue to support, Oasis programming and activities. We thank all of our volunteers who also support Oasis programming on an ongoing basis, as well as the many students who have supported both the community development and research aspects of this project through volunteering, student placements, summer student positions, and other opportunities.

We also wish to extend our appreciation to our funders for their support of the Oasis Evaluation and Expansion Project: Baycrest Centre for Brain Health and Innovation, the Ontario Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility, and the Ontario Ministry for Health and Long-Term Care’s Health and Well-Being Grant Program.

Last but not least, we would like to extend a huge thanks to all of the Oasis members who welcomed us into their communities and homes. Obviously, this project would not be possible without you – we are forever grateful for the numerous hours you have dedicated to the evaluation and analysis of your programs.

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