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Healthy Eating

Eating healthy is important as it gives your body nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed for development, bone health and for fighting infections and diseases.

Healthy eating can also:

· Fuel your body to perform activities of daily living.

· Improve your mood.

· Increase your energy.

· Controls weight.

· Reduce risk of heart disease and stroke

Healthy eating can be challenging, but Health Canada provides suggestions for improving habits and preparing healthy meals. 

Healthy Eating Tips

The Heart and Stroke foundation have provided 5 tips for healthy eating:

1. Prepare your own meals using whole foods.

2. Create an eating plan.

3. Include vegetables and fruits in your diet.

4. Drink lots of water and avoid sugary drinks (I.e. fruit juices and soft drinks).

5. Eat at least three meals a day with snacks in between. Visit the Heart and Stroke website for more information as well as Canada’s food guide for more information.

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