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Oasis Wins Partnerships for Inclusivity Category in Annual Art of Research Photo Competition

The Oasis Study Research Team were one of this year's winners of the Partnerships for Inclusivity category in the Art of Research photo contest at Queen's University!

The winning submission is a photo of the collaborative art mural created by members of the Kingston and Belleville Oasis sites earlier this year. Each square of the mural was designed by an Oasis member. When together, it forms the Oasis logo which was created by the members of the original Oasis site. It represents the power of coming together; a key feature of Oasis!

The mural will be a centre piece of the upcoming Oasis art show in Kingston, Ontario. More details about this event will be announced soon, so stay tuned to our social media for more information!

You can check out the other winners from this year's contest (and past winners) here:

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