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Research Article on Methods Used to Identify and Engage NORCs Released

An article from the members of the Oasis Study Research Team has been published in BMC Geriatrics. The aim of the paper is to provide a comprehensive description of the methods used to identify and engage NORCs for the development of supportive service programming in Canada.

Check out the article for a detailed overview of the three steps used to identify and select NORCs in which to develop supportive service programming:

  1. Identification of potential NORCs using Canadian Census Dissemination Areas, the Ontario Marginalization Index and Google Maps

  2. Engagement of property owner/manager to determine the availability of common space for communal programming and willingness of the owner to support programming

  3. Engagement of older adult residents within the NORC to co-design programming

The increased prevalence of unplanned, geographically-bound NORCs creates an opportunity for governments, social and health service providers and policy makers to support healthy aging in their communities.

You can share your thoughts on this article and connect with other like-minded individuals by joining the Oasis Network and participating in our forum!

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