Our Research Team

The Oasis Evaluation and Expansion Project is led by Drs Vincent DePaul and Catherine Donnelly of Queen’s University. Leading the expansion in Hamilton and London, Ontario are colleagues at McMaster University: Drs Lori Letts and Julie Richardson, and Western University: Drs Carri Hand, Debbie Laliberte Rudman and Colleen McGrath. This project has also been supported by the knowledge and expertise of Co-Investigators Drs Imaan Bayoumi and Joan Tranmer, and Helen Cooper, Allen Prowse, Judith Mackenzie and Alida Moffatt of the Oasis volunteer Board of Directors.


The Community Developers involved in the project included Simone Parniak and Jason Sheedy of Queen’s University, Susanne Sinclair of McMaster University and Rachel Koot and Nicole Kirkpatrick of Western University. Overall management of the project was supported by Suelen Meira Goes and Simone Parniak of Queen’s University.


If you have comments or questions about the evaluation and expansion of Oasis across Ontario, please email our research team at oasis.study@queensu.ca

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