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Oasis Evaluation and Expansion Project

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In 2021, Oasis and its research partners received funding to support the expansion of Oasis to 12 communities in Canada; develop a sustainability plan to ensure the stability of these communities; and to build a pan-Canadian network of older adults, community providers, researchers and decision-makers interested in working with naturally occurring retirement communities to support the healthy aging of Canadians.

Funding was also received from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) to conduct a rigorous longitudinal evaluation of Oasis from 2021-2025. The purpose of this evaluation will be to understand Oasis’ influence on healthy aging, including mobility and social isolation. This work will provide critical insight into effective aspects of aging-in-place models to inform their design, and much needed evidence on health and economic impacts to support their implementation.

Would you like to learn more about the expansion and evaluation work being done on Oasis? An Oasis research microsite is coming soon! Check back here for updates.


In 2018 Oasis partnered with researchers at Queen’s University, Western University and McMaster University to expand and evaluate Oasis in four cities across Ontario.


This work has been funded by the Baycrest Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, and the Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility. Each grant was specifically designated to supporting the expansion to a particular Oasis community.

As Oasis expanded, a network of communities formed to support the sustainability of all sites. In partnership with the universities, building residents and the onsite Coordinators are working to develop programming based on diverse needs. 

To learn more about the Oasis Expansion Research Team, click here. 

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