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Welcome! Thanks for checking out the Oasis Network!

We are a group of like-minded individuals and organizations with the intent to share experiences, knowledge, resources and best practices related to the Oasis program, Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs), and other NORC-based programs.

Canada is aging and by 2036 older adults will represent 25% or more of the total population1. The majority of older adults (>92%) live in the community and wish to remain at home as long as possible2; however, almost one quarter of older adults report feeling isolated, and half anticipate they will require support in the next 5-10 years3. therefore, it is important for us to consider ways in which we can best support the growing aging population in Canadas so they can continue to live and participate in their chosen communities. 

Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities or NORCs are "housing developments that are not planned or designed for older people, but which over time come to house largely older people"4.

NORC-based programs or NORC-SSPs are "community-level interventions in which older adults, building owners and managers, service providers, and other community partners create a network of services and volunteer opportunities to promote aging in place"5.

Are you a member of a NORC? Interested in starting Oasis in your community? A researcher working in this area? A private landlord looking to get involved? A community organization looking to connect to NORCs in your region? Sign-up to the Oasis Network today to join our growing community and receive regular communications from our group.

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