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Maintaining Mobility / Walking program

Walking is a great activity to connect with friends, enjoy the outdoors and improve your physical fitness. When beginning to walk more frequently, we recommend following a Graded Walking Program. This walking program is designed to slowly improve the distance walked in a controlled manner, thus minimizing risk of muscle injury.


Before beginning a Graded Walking Program, make sure to purchase good waking shoes. These shoes should have good ankle and arch support with a thicker sole. You may also purchase a gait aid or walking poles which decrease the force applied to your joints in your legs. It is encouraged to develop a plan prior to starting the walk or refer to the Graded Walking Program. Monitor your progress and symptoms throughout (I.e. Distance walked, heart rate, shortness of breath). Exercise devices such as the Fitbit, are device designed to help you monitor your health by tracking your activity, heart rate, exercise, food and sleep.


Refer to this reference for a graded walking program. 


Whether you are a daily walker or wanting to start walking more, being part of a walking program can help you achieve your goals.

The city of Kingston runs free Walk On events 

Map of Kingston City Parks 

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